My Life Outside my Illness

I started my website about 4 months ago. The reason why I started it, was to help people who are going through chronic illnesses and spread awareness to those who aren't. I have also learned that my illness doesn't define who I am as a person. I thought I would share with all of you … Continue reading My Life Outside my Illness

You Have a Diagnosis, Now What?

You receive a diagnosis, which is a great thing. I know, sounds absurd that it could be considered a relieving thing to hear. For those with a chronic illness, you've been suffering for possibly months maybe even years. At this point you want the diagnosis. So you can work on your health to get into … Continue reading You Have a Diagnosis, Now What?

The Positive Side of Having a Chronic Illness 

Having several chronic illnesses, I've learned that with a positive outlook even during the hardest times you can still find the good in situations. Everyone endures a difficult trial, it's the way you look at it, that determines how you will get through it. There are a million negatives of having a chronic illness, however,  … Continue reading The Positive Side of Having a Chronic Illness 

The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination!

 I'm beyond excited to be nominated for the sunshine blogger award! I just want to say my  heart is so full and warm with all of the love support I have received since I started my blogging journey from all of you! A huge thank you to Ben for nominating me!! Please make sure you check out … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination!

Unique Blogger Award!

I feel so honored to receive the unique blogger award! I truly appreciate it, and it warms my heart to receive it! A BIG thank you to Darren Sleep! Please make sure you check out his blogs! He's a very nice guy who writes about plants, some humor, and displays great photography skills! I always enjoy Darren … Continue reading Unique Blogger Award!

Liebster Award!

Hello! I’m honestly shocked and so excited to be considered and acknowledged for my hard work! I have been Nominated for The Liebster Award from “Shade of Writing”. This is an award that only exists online. It was first established in 2011 and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. Thank you so much Damien and … Continue reading Liebster Award!

Easy Halloween Wreath Suitable for Chronically Ill People

I decided to get into the holiday fun with this adorable wreath! Having several chronic illnesses and POTS, I always have extreme fatigue and my hands become numb after a while. There are a lot of things I am not able to complete but I decided to get involved in the Halloween spirit and make … Continue reading Easy Halloween Wreath Suitable for Chronically Ill People

Grieving with a Chronic Illness

With a chronic illness, there is no cure. It is all about treating the symptoms and learning to live life with it. It's like an enemy you can't get rid of. Its hard to cope with at times. For me, I was working, in college, and training for a half marathon, and one day it … Continue reading Grieving with a Chronic Illness

The Power of Staying Positive

With having a chronic illness you are constantly being thrown difficult trials. Having several chronic illnesses myself, its been the hardest thing I have ever been through. Even though I struggle, I always get asked how I stay so positive and how I have a great attitude through all of this. Everyone has their bad … Continue reading The Power of Staying Positive