A Chronic Illness Doesn’t Define You

A chronic illness will change the way you live life,

It can make you feel like you’ve been stabbed in every joint by a knife.

It can change how you view things, even your mindset,

You tend to feel like you’re forever trapped in a drowning net.

Your relationships will start to change,

Your life just feels like it has been rearranged.

A chronic illness can change a lot,

But don’t ever allow it to define who you are, no matter what baggage this illness has brought.

You are still you, just stronger,

This illness will not have a hold on you, not any longer. β™‘

11 thoughts on “A Chronic Illness Doesn’t Define You”

  1. #truth!! Well written Mackenzie. Great reminder for many. Keep inspiring girl! ❀

  2. Mackenzie, this was beautiful, powerful and incredibly true! Thank you so much for this very well-written reminder! I hope your week has started off well.

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