Feeling Confident After Hair Loss

Having several chronic illnesses, I unfortunately had to cut my long hair, due to hair loss. My hair started to come out in handfuls. I was devastated to cut it, because it was my security blanket.

After my haircut

I felt extremely insecure once I cut it, but in the long run I’m glad I did. I learned a lot about myself. I learned how to not hide behind my hair. My peers loved my long hair, and I was petrified to hear what they would say when I had to cut it. I freaked myself out. I was more worried about what other people would think, compared to what I thought about it myself. I loved my long hair, but I learned no matter what I do for looks from now on, I will do it based on how I feel. If I want to wear a dress it’s because I want to feel like a princess, not because I want to impress anybody. If I want to wear makeup it’s because I want to look how I feel on the inside, beautiful. If I want to wear a wig it’s because I want to relive having repunzel hair, not to to impress boys. I learned a lot being ill.

I learned I have to do what makes me confident, and not base my entire life around others opinions. I learned when I look good, I feel really good about myself and whatever I do, I need to do it for me. No one else. I am so blessed to have been sent a wig from Uniwigs for me to relive my long hair. It makes me feel super confident and gives me a chance to have several ways to wear my hair.

I chose the Macadamia color in the Carrie synthetic wig. I just love it! Uniwigs generously gave me a coupon for you guys to use! Type in kenzie10 when you buy the Carrie synthetic wig! Remember, whatever you do looks-wise do it for yourself. Never base your life off of others opinions. Always do what makes you happy and confident.❀

40 thoughts on “Feeling Confident After Hair Loss”

  1. It takes courage to cast aside our protective shields (our hair, the “correct” career) and reveal what lies beneath, though the payoff is worth it nearly every time.

    I applaud your courage, as always.

  2. Mackenzie, hair or no hair, you are still beautiful! You have a radiant and contagious smile that shows your amazing personality! You are incredibly strong and very inspirational! Thank you so much for continuing to share your story. I wish you nothing, but the best always! Sending you lots of love and comfort!!

  3. It’s what in your heart that matters your hair is like the cherry on the cake.

  4. It’s not your hair or its length that makes you beautiful. It’s you… Your heart… Your soul… Your determjnation… Just you Kenzie, just you β˜ΊπŸ’›

  5. That’s a great realization you discovered about yourself. I have felt that way about my hair too; what would people say?My problem was not illness but terrible, continuous breakage. But I cut it down to a buzzcut and everyone loved it and thought I was super bold for doing that. I did see 2 girls from my old school once laugh discretely at me, thinking I didn’t notice them, but I really didn’t care. I just stayed where I was. I have worn my hair several times that way since and it’s my fave hairstyle. I’ll do it again in a couple years.

    I love your wig, it looks so good on you. πŸ™‚

  6. After taking a med for lyme my entire bun broke off so all of my hair was either halfway down my back or 2 inches from my head.
    I was so scared to cut it. I felt liberated once i did though. The hair loss was so overwhelming to me and actually felt more secure after I cut it. Then….I was like what did i dooooooo. But I had no choice. So much of my identity and security was in my hair and once that was gone i was left with my face!
    I’m feeling for you is basically all I really wanted to say and I know the emotions that are tied to our hair and not many really get that.
    You look gorgeous with your hair cut

  7. I absolutely love your blog! Thank you so much for speaking your truth and for inspiring your readers. My best friend has stage 4 brain cancer and I might show her this article to show her that she is just as beautiful without a full head of hair <3 Thank you for this.

  8. Hair Cut is not a solution for hair loss. Hair loss man reasons that you should find them and start to clear. Most of hair loss reasons proper diet and peer nutrition.

    1. I had hair loss due to the strong immunosuppression medicines, stress, and my illness. It had nothing to do with my nutrition because I am on strict diets. Lupus causes hair loss. Before my illness my hair was to the lower part of my back. Cutting the thick hair, and lots of coconut oil helped it. But in this posts I only discussed about my self esteem when I had to cut it. So no, in my case I knew why my hair was falling out and diet wasn’t the reason

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