Valentine’s Day Candle Suitable for the Chronically Ill

Anyone can do this craft, however, it is suitable for those with a chronic illness. With a chronic illness, after moving my hands for a long period of time, they tend to go numb and tingly. They also become very sore, after a while. This candle took me about 30 mins to complete. I did take several breaks, but my hands didn’t go numb or become tender afterwards! It’s a super cute way to celebrate or even give as a gift for Valentine’s Day! Let’s get started!

Supplies needed!

  • Scissors
  • 1 bag of conversation hearts
  • 1 unscented pillar candle
  • Hot glue gun & sticks


    • Take 1 conversation heart, put a dot size amount of hot glue on the heart. * DO NOT PUT THE HOT GLUE DIRECTLY ON THE CANDLE, PUT IT ON THE HEART OR IT WILL CAUSE DENTS AND HOLES IN THE CANDLE.*
    • Place the heart onto the bottom of the candle. Make sure the tip of the heart lines up with the bottom of the candle.
    • Press the heart on for 10 seconds. Continue placing hearts on the candle side by side.
    • Once you go all the way around the candle, start a new row on top. Make sure the new row is staggered.

    That’s it! Pretty easy, and they turn out super cute! It’s not over exhausting, and doesn’t cause your hands to cramp up! I loved it so much, I actually got another candle and large conversation hearts to make a second one. It’s a perfect way to show your sweetheart your appreciation for them, or a fun project to place on your mantel! 💘❤

    25 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Candle Suitable for the Chronically Ill”

    1. Nice work, Mackenzie 😀

      Some years ago, I got an advice from a good doctor about my cold and often sore hands. He said, that I should go to a special shop for tools for handicapped and buy medical paraffin.
      You will need:
      1 pot for the paraffin
      1 bowl for dipping
      2 freezing plastic bags
      1 towel
      In the evening warm up the paraffin in a pot, until melted at middle temperatures, then close for the heat. Find bowl big enough to have your hands and part of the wrists inside fairly stretched. When the paraffin cool a little down, place all the warm paraffin in the bowl and place your hands inside there until you can lift up your hands and be glued in paraffin, max. 1 minute or shorter.
      Place your dipped hands in each their freezing bag and get help with this and to roll the towel around your hands and then sit 10-15 minutes and relax.
      When ended, place all the paraffin in the pot again, also what you have at your hands, it is reusable for very long time. I start out with placing 2 packets of paraffin in the pot and have for months in this.
      When it is cold, cover the pot with the bowl to avoid dust inside.
      This has helped me a lot and I hope, it might help you too.

    2. There is no reblog button I wanted to reblog this! its awesome and I love it!

    3. This is such a cute idea! In the UK we have Love Hearts, and I eat them way too often so I have a massive supply – just need to get a suitable candle and glue and give this a go. Love it! 🙂

    4. I couldn’t find the “like” button…but, I love, love, love your candle–and that you shared such a doable craft…you are a prime (and wonderful) example of taking challenges and using them to create something that we might not have discovered otherwise…thank you for using your imagination, ingenuity, and generosity to brighten the world! 🙂

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