Hair Loss Due to a Chronic Illness

A chronic illness changes your life in all aspects. When my journey began 2 years ago, I had long thick hair. My hair was my best feature. Due to stress, the lupus, and medication I started losing it. Whenever I would shower, I had handfuls of clumps come out. One day, I knew I had to cut my hair. I was devastated. I know that may sound silly to be so distraught about hair, but at that time my hair was everything. I had lost my job, a lot of my friends, my dream college program, and now my hair. It was symbolically the last thing I had, that my illness could take from me.

2016 Before

After I cut it, I learned a lot about myself. I learned no matter what happens in life I will always overcome it. Things happen for a reason. I am stronger because of the trials I have gone through.

2017 After

My dream job will come to me when the time is right. I may have lost friends, but I have gained family. After I had to cut my hair, I had been approached by uniwigs to try out their wigs, it was fate! After looking through all of their unique products it was hard to choose from, because there’s too many amazing ones, but I got the Carrie wig in the macadamia color. It is absolutely amazing!!! It is synthetic, but looks so real! It makes me feel like I have my long hair back! I do like my short hair, but some days I just really miss having long hair, and the wig truly fills that void! It’s comfortable and light!

2018 UniWigs- Macadamia

After all I have gone through with chronic illnesses it’s nice to finally feel beautiful and confident again. Uniwigs has generously allowed me to give you a coupon so you can feel beautiful and confident too, just type kenzie10 ! Click here for their website! Remember, you don’t have to try for anyone. If you want to wear makeup, a dress, or a wig that’s your personal choice. Do what makes you happy and feel confident!❤

92 thoughts on “Hair Loss Due to a Chronic Illness”

  1. You Sweet, BEAUTIFUL thing!!! It made me laugh that You thought Your hair was Your best feature. I get it. I have never lost my hair due to a disease…..but in a moment of wanting to change my life, I shaved my very long beautiful hair off. I felt I was being reduced to what I looked like and in a determined stance of “I’m not what I look like!!!” I shaved my head. I’ve also buzzed it off a couple of times. Just for something new. And later….at times…..I missed it. I understand. It would be so hard to lose it not by choice. To lose anything not by choice. God. Really hard. I’ve experienced that on a few levels. BUT….YOU ARE SO LOVELY!!! Your eyes, smile, beautiful heart that shines through….gosh. Those, to me, are Your best features!!! Yes….You had gorgeous hair, but Your wig looks amazing. And seriously….I swear this it true….I could see You bald and think You were absolutely beautiful. You inspire me and so many. And bless Your friends who have turned away…we’ve all experienced that during difficult times. But know others who will not turn away will come to You. I’m talking way too much, but You just open my heart and that remarked genuinly surprised me. ROCK on and GLOW on and Cheers!!! And Thank You.

  2. I love the wig! Your beautiful with your hair and your wig. Who would ever know that your wearing a wig. I do hope your feeling a wee bit better xx

  3. My friend. I hope you do not mind my saying that you look really beautiful. It is so wonderful to see that glowing smile. Makes ME smile too. ❤

  4. Illnesses, despite their cruel nature, can bring out good things from inside us. You seem to have bounced back from setbacks that some people let get the best of them. You are not only surviving but seem to be thriving. — you have a great smile, by the way….

  5. I’m so glad you realized your true strength. You’re amazing and beautiful and you’re more than a conqueror. Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. I get what you are saying about thinking your hair is your best feature…. mine has become so thin but I keep holding off from cutting it. Ty for sharing this, gives me hope when I have to let mine go. By the way the wig does look beautiful

  7. You may have lost friends, but they really weren’t friends then. True friends don’t leave or desert a friend. And you have new friends here. Me! ☺ And since I have been around now for almost 74 years I consider myself a connoisseur of beauty. You, my dear friend, are beautiful… long hair, short hair or no hair. Please don’t ever think you are not. ☺💛

  8. Your eyes are your best physical feature. I hope your beautiful hair comes back, but if it doesn’t, you have a good plan for maintaining a fine appearance. At any rate, your hopes and dreams are what matter most. Aim high!

  9. I hear and understand you, Mackenzie. After my hospitalization I had same kind of experience and now my hair are growing out again, but very slowly. I had long and thick hair too. Strong medication was the reason.
    You are a beautiful young woman, no matter your loss of hair 🙂

  10. You’re best feature isn’t your hair although your hair is beautiful just like you are. I would die to hair beautiful blonde locks. 🙂 Your genuine personality is your best feature as well as your heart. I have been following you for a while now and I feel as if I know you. Lol. I understand the missing your hair though. Two years ago,my hair began falling our in clumps as well. I had no choice and I went pixie cut for the first time.

  11. Your short hair is beautiful! I’ve lost over half my hair since having MS. Not sure why, assume it’s just the stress of it? :/ But I also love your wig! It’s something I might consider in the future. 🙂 xxx

  12. Mackenzie,
    The look suits you because by your character, strength and disposition it has no other choice.

  13. I don’t know why I cannot read the post here 🙁 I only see comments… I send you much love as your inner spirit is what truly matters

  14. I have read many of your posts today, and I have to say, your energy and approach to life, despite all the obstacles in your path, is amazing. I now it’s cliche, but, you truly are an inspiration to us all, – and although I’m asexual, I have to say you look gorgeous, absolutely stunning!

    Loved your post on animals in relation to illnesses. – My mother used to take in stray dogs and injured cats when me and my brothers were younger, and up until around 5 years ago my mothers house had always been an animals first, people second enviroment, but due to my mothers age and frailty keeping pets was becoming too much for her. Still, I feed the foxes and squirrels in her back garden and we both get endless enjoyment from watching the wildlife. – Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, and for being you.

    Take care of yourself, love, E

  15. thank you for your post…I have been struggling for the past couple of years with this as well. I too chopped my long locks off but I embraced the change head on (at the time). But lately I am just so tired of wearing hats every time I go out (I am going though a rough phase of the hair thinning right now). I went from dark brown and long to super short and blonde. I have actually been thinking about posting about this and what I have learned about taking care of my hair and such. I have been up in the air about wigs. However I finally just started Rogaine because I do not know what else to do. Ugh, I stay as strong as possible with everything but when my hair went…I lost it…and then chopped it off. LOL It sucks but I am glad I am not alone.
    You are super cute in all the pics BTW 😉

    1. I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this!! It’s really hard emotionally to deal with! I have found putting a little all natural coconut oil in your hair once a week before shower has helped the thinning and it’s natural! Stay strong!! And thank you so much 😊

  16. With or without long thick hair you are still a beautiful and amazing person! I admire your courage and how positive you remain! You truly inspire me to keep up my positive attitude!!! Much love and comfort to you!!!

  17. You are truly beautiful inside and out hair or no hair. Sharing your ups and downs when you have an illness can be daunting. You do it with grace and dignity. I am a new fan for sure. Thank you for being here and sharing your experiences good and bad. Keep that beautiful smile and attitude always.

  18. You look beautiful regardless! I was dx with lupus nephritis in 2012 and the first treatment I was given did not help stop my overreacting kidney. I was told that I may need a dialysis or kidney transplant if I don’t respond. The second treatment was chemotherapy and I responded well. I didn’t have any other side effects other than my hair was slowly falling off. I remember my head almost looked completely bald and I ended up wearing a wig for a couple of days and decided it was better off without the wig because it was making my head hot and heavy. And I missed my thick hair too. My hair did grow back and although it was not as thick as before but I’m thankful that I have hair now. Continue to stay positive! I know it’s hard but you will overcome it too!

  19. I to have lost hair through my 4 year journey. I’m still house bound and shaved all my hair out of frustration. One day I had enough, I bought a wig similar to my style just a bit lighter to shake it up. One thing I know, your stronger than you know and know what you need. Pretty amazing for your age. You are beautiful outside but more inside! 🙂
    So glad everything worked out.

  20. You are a strong woman. Keep your head up. You are an inspiration. May God shower you with His blessings. From

  21. You are truly beautiful, Mackenzie… as much so with the shorter hair as with the long. I don’t know whether I I have ever told you that my Dad had Lupus. So, I’ve seen up close what the disease does. As a stage 3 cancer survivor, I know what it is to lose your hair as well. Chemo was rough. I remember the clumps of hair falling out. It is so distressing. I so admire your courage as well as your positive outlook! You are truly an inspiration! Huge hugs! <3

  22. You are gorgeous before/ and with/without the wig…. it does look so natural!
    I went through the same thing, hair falling out then I went super short. It’s growing back now but I don’t want to go through the terrible growing back stages if it’s just going to fall out again. Question for you- do you wear the wig every time you leave the house? I want to try it but I’m scared I won’t feel like going through the trouble one day- then what.

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through it as well! I switch it up! If I’m just going to a Drs appointment then I won’t wear it, but If I go out on a date or out with friends I will! 😊

      1. I might have to try a wig. I’ve always been scared that wearing it will make people treat me sick and I don’t want that, but you make it sound fun. Thank you!

  23. You and your blog have found an important issue. While sure, starving kids is maybe more important, chronic illness affects millions. I’m dealing with a new diagnosis of anemia that iron pills and diet are not repairing enough. I already had other conditions. But managed to bike 10,000 miles in 2 years. See my 1/15 post if interested in the local newspaper profile on me. Now I barely do it. List my job, no insurance, finally saw a clinic doctor and hope for some answers and relief. Anyway, thanks and fight the good fight, Kenzie!

  24. You’re beautiful! Short hair looks fab on you.
    My hair is thinning because I’m coming off of Zoloft. Your post really helped me feel a little less alone!

  25. You have my full support and understanding. I have had ME for 12 years and hair loss is so scary, especially whilst I was still at school. It feels like you have already had all freedom, youthfulness and enjoyment ripped from your life and now you are now having your dignity torn away too. It doesn’t matter that people will tell you that it’s only hair and could be worse. When you feel so vulnerable and alone the last thing you need is to have another (and this time physical and therefore noticable) reason for peers to mock you or to run away. My hair is a lot better now, and i hope thst yours will get there too. Keep up the good work and stay strong!

    1. Thank you so much!!!! That truly means a lot to me! You are exactly right!! It does feel like your life is ripped and taken away from you. I’m so glad someone understands! I am glad it has gotten better for you! Best wishes!

  26. Ive never actually considered a wig before, but im super self concious about my hair loss aswell. These look stunning and I might actually look into it! <3

  27. I can totally relate to this! I’ve started loosing a lot of my hair too due to stress and meds, it does sort of feel like yet another thing being taken away from you that you just cannot control! You look absolutely gorgeous with both your short hair and with the wig so at least you can just see how you feel on the day 😊 xx

      1. You’ve actually really inspired me to open up about what im using to help try calm things down, so thank you for this! Sometimes a wee blog post can go such a kind way to help someone’s confidence 😊

  28. Thank you for sharing. My hair is still long, but I’m dealing with an illness that seems to be taking over my hair too. It comes out more and more when I brush it.

    Your hair looks great short. The wig looks good too. My opinion…go with whichever one makes you feel at your best. You can go short today and long tonight. It’s something mostcant do!😎

  29. Losing our hair is so scary and painful. Mine has fallen out twice; not completely but enough that I had to cut it and felt self conscious over it. Hooray for biotin! Your hair looks cute short and those wigs do not look like wigs at all; so pretty 🙂

    1. I’m so sorry you had to go through that! Its a hard thing to do when its involuntary. Hang in there and stay strong! Yes I love biotin! And thank you so much!!! 😊

    1. That was the biggest thing I struggled with was the loss of control. For me it was like I lost so much due to my illness and my hair was the last thing I could lose. Hang in there girl! You’ve got this, and things will get better! ♡

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