73 thoughts on “Midweek Motivation 

  1. I agree…and so does the Doctor, who, for the first time in his 2,000+ years of life, becomes a woman.

    As the 12th Doctor regenerates into the 13th Doctor, he has powerful words of advice for his successor, most notably, “Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind.”

    Yes, Jodie Whittaker, it is brilliant.

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  2. Hi – what a terrific quote. I copied it immediately to my desktop and phone. I am living those feelings, but could never express like you did. No complaints here. I am fortunate to be in remission for Lymphoma. But fortunate as I am (and there is no minimizing that fact), I know I am not the person “I used to be.” Hopefully I will, like you, continue to try to be “better and stronger” than before. Thank you – Best wishes to you – Spyro

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  3. This is an excellent motivational quote. While on a long drive from Ontario to Florida I heard a story on the BBC radio. It was about a young man in the middle least who was injured by a bomb and lost his leg. He managed to get to England and had an prosthesis made for him. He started to work with the person who designed and made prosthesis. He said to himself that he could either be an amputee and just give up or he could do something to help others. He started to work seriously on making prosthesis and helped to design one for a little boy who had lost his hand in a bomb attack. He asked the boy who his Super Hero was and it was a character that had a special watch that he could click and then transform into a powerful creature. So when the boy’s prosthesis was made for his hand it had a watch on it! He is doing this work now professionally and helping many people. If he had not lost his leg he would not be doing this. The loss of his leg opened the door to him being able to help countless amputees. I loved hearing this. It was so inspiring and your quote reminded me of it. Happy New Year!

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