A Chronic Christmas Poem


Through all of the dark times,

Christmas brings a cheery light that shines.

Remember the ones who held your hand when you needed it the most,

On this holiday, give them a big hug and hold them very close.

Even though you may be in a lot of pain,

Remember to live in the moment because there’s a lot of memories to gain.

Let the bright lights fuel your heart while it’s still here,

Enjoy the laughter and smiles while you fill the air with holiday cheer.

Times are currently rough,

Show not only everyone, but yourself that you are tough.

Be positive and spread love throughout the day,

And don’t forget to listen, and you may just hear Santa’s sleigh.

Merry Christmas!❤

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Living life with autoimmune diseases is tough, but I'm tougher.

100 thoughts on “A Chronic Christmas Poem

  1. Thank you for sharing this VERY uplifting post!!! Beautiful words to fill us all with happiness and positivity!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and make many new fabulous memories!!! Much love and comfort to you!!!!

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  2. Hi thanks for stopping by to read my blog! You are so bubbly and positive in your blogs despite having to bear your illnesses. I hv a classmate who I only recently knew about her mental illness….also an aunt who suffered recently from debilitating pain in her leg and unable to walk….a sister in law who miraculously recovered this Jun from bleeding in the brain…and my 3 boys who suffered pain (fractures bones, knee/ meniscus injuries) and the usual childhood illnesses….as a mum I have been blessed with fitness and health but sad that friends, relatives and loved ones have to go through so much ‘suffering’. But I think these are crosses we are meant to bear. Merry Xmas and blessed new year!

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      1. I’m so glad this meant a lot. My youngest daughter got JRA while 11, but doctors didn’t test her until age 13. I have sympathy for young people who have ailness or diseases. Life is hard enough while finding your way, the direction to head. She still has rheumatoid arthritis but watches the list of foods that exascerbate the joint pains. When she was first diagnosed she took strong meds (Vioxx, Celebrex, but her organs bled, even while taking Prilosec to save her stomach lining.) Be careful not to use meds with serious side effects. . . Hugs, Robin 💐

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      2. I’m sorry to hear about yours and her trials. It’s very hard to have illnesses at that age. Thank you for the tip! And it’s amazing how a medication that helps one thing can hurt something else in your body. Best wishes for you both!


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