An Open Letter to the Doctor Who Gave up on Me

Dear Doctor,

Before I start, I want you to know I’m not even mad. You’re not the first or probably the last to turn over my case. The moment that you gave me the pity look, and said “you will never get better, you will have a feeding tube the rest of your life, and I can’t help you.” Tears immediately welled up in my eyes, and my stomach sank to my feet. That was the worst feeling, when you gave up on me. 20171209_1934461900083529.png

When you walked out the door, you didn’t see it, but my mom grabbed my hand and said “we will not settle for that answer. We are leaving.”Let me ask you, Doctor, I wouldn’t wish my situation on my worst enemy, but if your child was in my position, would you give up so easily? I may not be your daughter, but I am someone else’s daughter, I am a sister, and someone’s friend. I had a life of my own until I got sick. I know I shouldn’t put so much hope into one appointment, but when you go through the absolute horrendous year and a half of your life, you can’t help but think maybe this is it. This could be the light at the end of the extremely dark tunnel. Maybe this appointment will be the one to change my life. But it wasn’t. I’m not mad at you, however, I had a lot of faith in you. I’ll tell you something Doctor, your appointment didn’t break me. I wiped away those tears and picked myself back up. Our appointment lit a fire in me to not only prove to you, but myself that I will get through this. I will find a new normal life. I won’t be on a feeding tube the rest of my life. I will find someone to help me. Just because you gave up, doesn’t mean I will. I deserve to have as good of a life as anyone else. So I thank you, for our appointment. If it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have as much motivation, to prove to everyone else that I will win.


The girl who won’t quit

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Living life with autoimmune diseases is tough, but I'm tougher.

160 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Doctor Who Gave up on Me

  1. Yes!! Awesome share! It took me 25 years to find a doctor who wouldn’t give up. I could not be more appreciative for everything he did for me but mostly, just that he didn’t give up. He cared. I love this post ❤️

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  2. The most important thing is that YOU don’t give up on yourself.
    Do your own search for natural treatment (it works so much better than traditional medicine!), and tell yourself regularly that you ARE going to make it!

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  3. Honestly, I don’t know how you can do it. Just accept that the people who are meant to be helping you are giving up instead (I know, I’m bitter af). It’s a show of strength that you’re so willing to forgive and move on to the next step instead of dwelling.

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  4. I had a similar situation with my scoliosis. When I was 13 a doctor told me if I didn’t have surgery right away I was going to die. Sure his words scared me, but it also made me more determined to find a non-surgical answer and to prove him wrong. And guess what.. I did! After mamy years of searching and not giving up I found a doctor who could help me. And 20 years later I’m not dead, never had surgery, healthy and active, and my non-surgical answer I found has actually helped my spine to straighten out which is unheard of. I say all this to say don’t give up! Keep fighting to find your answer. Keep searching. Your answer is out there. It might take awhile to find, but I know you will find it ❤️

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  5. In my own Journey, I walked away from medicine because they had no answers for me and those they did have I absolutely refused to allow to be done to me. Over the years I found how to heal myself through diet and through exercise. It is an ongoing process and yes I still do have days that are very difficult for me. But when a surgeon told me if I do not have further surgery I will end up paralyzed and in a wheelchair, I could not run out of that office faster. That was my wake-up point. Medicine does not have the answers for me. You have the answers for yourself. I wish you every success because I know exactly how you feel!

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  6. Wow! That’s so sad and maddening that a medical professional would tell you something like that and give up on you! I’m glad you’re using his attitude to motivate you into proving how wrong he is rather than drag you down. That’s awesome! You go, girl! I’ll be praying the Lord will send the right people or other answers your way.

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  7. I need to thank you for this wonderful post. I’m sorry you had to go through this , these are the places where I feel humanity is just a ‘word’ unfamiliar to so many. But your post has also put that light into me ,to fight and no matter what to not stop fighting.This is something you will win because of your strong heart and determination.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much. That means so much to me. I’m so happy to hear it has helped you. Thank you, I won’t stop fighting. You’ve got this. You deserve to win this fight as well. Stay strong and keep that wonderful spirit you have. Best of wishes!

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  8. The Doctor gave up on me when I was 6 years old. He told my parents that I will not make it through the night. The bishop was called to my bed, my mum and my dad were there too. I received that last sacrement to live. But not only was my mum and dad at my bedside, but god the most high was there too. That little 6 year old girl made it through the night and she went on to the new dawn. And today that little 6 year old girl has lived 40 years of her life and having a wonderful 22 year old daughter before her eyes. And trust me you will live your life for as long as life have wanted you to live on this planet earth. No one can decide your fate. Enjoy your life and I wish you a Very Merry Christmas with lots of friends and your families by your side. Enjoy your festive season to the full!

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  9. So sorry that this doctor didn’t stay the course… 😦 I do hope that you are able to find a doctor who has faith in you and your willingness to press on toward healing! I’m inspired by your “can do” attitude! Hang in there! I’m sure you will overcome much in 2018!

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  10. Reblogged this on SWIMMING THROUGH THE WAVES and commented:
    ~ I wiped away those tears & picked myself back up ~

    This story hits right back home!!
    When the dr who told me I need a feeding tube, he was correct.. However he said it in a very harsh, threatening manner thinking my food will begin going down because it has “no reason” not to. After the one week given he’ll hear it’s going down.

    I wrote a chapter in my journal dedicated to all the many drs who gave up in me.. this dedication was done in October 2016 after the last failed appointment with a dr who called me to come to him.

    This dedication will be shared as time comes closer to that part..

    These words are so apt!

    Your appointment did not break me. I wiped those tears & picked myself back up.

    (My next post will be up tomorrow hopefully)
    Thank you very much to all my loyal readers who await posts so eagerly! Your support means everything 😊😊

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      1. Pleasure 😊😊 I understand that any effort in creating awareness makes a difference for a more understanding world.
        That was very beautifully written!! Keep up the efforts
        It was an inspiration to myself & to my readers

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  11. Hello,

    Thank you for liking my post. I read this post of yours because you listed it as your favorite…don’t ever give up.

    I hope your path has shifted and your journey has much more lite than darkness 🙂

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