An Open Letter to my Caregivers

To my caregivers,

Having a chronic illness, a lot of people have vanished in my life, but you have never left my side. You have seen me through the good times and you haven’t left my side through the dark times. With all of the bad in my life, you bring the light back into it. You care at times when I think no one else does. You have held my hand while laying in a hospital bed, held my hair back while I threw up, and picked me up off of the ground when I have passed out. Not many people would want that kind of responsibility but you never hesitate to help. I despite being the reason you stress 24/7, and stay up til 1 a.m holding my hand because I can’t sleep, and being the reason you cry because we just have no idea what to do anymore. It honestly kills me to see you cry, because of me. Even though this situation is complicated, the bond we now share is unbreakable. You know every part of my life. You know the person I am, at times more than I know myself. You see strength in me when I didn’t know I had anymore strength left. There was a point in my life where even the doctors didn’t know if I would make it, but you fought so hard for me. You have stepped out of a doctors office and said we will find another doctor, because they said they didn’t know what I had. You didn’t give up when everyone else did. You always believed in me at times I didn’t believe in myself. You reestablished faith back into my life. There are 5 words you say to me all the time that will forever stick with me, “I will never give up”. It feels like before I became ill, those words felt empty to me. But now when I hear them, they give me more strength, because now I know I will never go through life alone. I will spend the rest of my life trying to repay you, but it will never be enough. I don’t define a hero in a cape, or wearing a mask, or with superpowers. If I am asked who my hero is, I show them a picture of you. You truly have saved me. I am forever grateful for you.

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Living life with autoimmune diseases is tough, but I'm tougher.

41 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my Caregivers

  1. Mackinzie
    I am so impressed with your strength and your humble Love for your caregivers. You ARE an inspiration to me, in so many ways. Know this precious woman I am here for you any time of day or night.
    Just reach out!!!

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  2. The passion and sentiment in your letter is absolutely beautiful. Having three children of my own who are nurses and caregivers, the words you wrote, have deep meaning. I pray whatever your going through now, that it comes to pass soon and you’ll be back to being healthy.

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      1. Oh thanks for saying that – it really means a lot – and I am in a new mode of blogging where I feel quite comfortable (if that makes sense)
        Do you have a Trader Joe’s near u?

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      2. Oh it is just a cool little store – with fun items and like 1/4 of the store is wine – but i mentioned it because they carry this version of L acetyl carnitine for five dollars and it is one of my favorite supplements – it is good for the brain and I wanted to try it for years and finally did a it six months ago and it is just great – I might post about it later – but! The reason I mentioned it here is cos someone just told me that it is also ideal to take for people with alcohol abuse and – and chronic conditions – esp Lyme and lupus –
        I know your docs would need to approve it – but just wanted to mention it to consider

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      1. You’re welcome, yes, imagine they can do the things that the family members should have done. Even me I feel guilty reading this letter. I I can’t imagine how the family cannot think the time there parents had done to them when they are still a baby

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      2. How can they forget the love and care that their parents had given them? I think they will realized this when they will be grow old

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