The Positive Side of Having a Chronic Illness 

Having several chronic illnesses, I’ve learned that with a positive outlook even during the hardest times you can still find the good in situations. Everyone endures a difficult trial, it’s the way you look at it, that determines how you will get through it. There are a million negatives of having a chronic illness, however, I can’t discredit the plus sides of my journey. Here is a list of the positive sides of having a chronic illness.

  • You become closer to people who have been there for you.

A chronic illness can be debilitating. When you’re hurting, there are some things you just can’t do alone. When you’ve been through the best and the worst times with someone, like a chronic illness, you develop a bond with them. They have been there through the worst times of your life, just because they care about you. Honestly, that’s amazing, to help a person through this is a tough job, and for someone to take it on without hesitation, is a special person. Don’t ever let them go.

  • You appreciate life more.

When you become chronically ill and unable to do certain things, you tend to appreciate life more. It’s actually in hindsight, a blessing. You will appreciate the little things. Before your illness you may have overlooked certain things, but now you will find peace in them. For example, I never cared too much for flowers, but now that I’m ill, smelling fresh flowers is very refreshing and therapeutic to me. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

  • You learn patience.

With a chronic illness it could take years to diagnose. You have to go from doctor to doctor, and sometimes out of state to a clinic or hospital to figure out what you have. Even if you get diagnosed most people around you don’t understand what a chronic illness is, or what all it entails. You develop patience, because during this time you need all the patience in the world, now more than ever. Nonetheless, it’s a great skills to have in life.

  • You discover how much strength you truly have.

A chronic illness reveals how strong you truly are. You endure a lot of pain, stress, and misery. In order to fight your illness journey, you have to be stronger than you’ve ever been. I didn’t know how strong I was, or even imagined to be this courageous, until I became ill. It truly is amazing how strong we can be when tested.

I’ve learned that with a positive outlook even during the darkest of times you can still find the light. Everyone endures a difficult trial, it’s the way you view it, that determines how you will get through it. I could give you a list of the negatives of having a chronic illness, however, I can’t discredit the plus sides of my journey. I hope this post will open the positive side of your journey, and motivate you to continue to fight and never give up. Stay strong, and always be positive. ❤

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    1. Excellent positives my friend. The little achievements become massive goals to me. To take a step without pain is monumental. I find when times are tough, I need reminding of the positives. The negatives are so easy to see and grab onto.


    2. Truer words have never been spoken! One time when I was in an assisted living center for an MS flare up (rehab sounds so terrible) I was reading a book by a counselor that also has MS. The book gave you little assignments to do. One of the assignments was to list 5 positive things that having MS did for me. ?!?!??!?!? lots of cuss words, this woman is on crack etc etc I even threw the book INTO the wall. but with so much “free time” between therapies I decided to give it a try (yes I threw the book several more times) but I finally did it. Truth be told, I am a nicer person now, I am actually happier, and I have no time for drama. Thank you for sharing your post!

      1. It’s hard sometimes to find the good in an Illness that changes your life, but there are some positives that I really am thankful for! I don’t blame you for throwing the book! I would’ve done the same thing at first! Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you for reading 😊

    3. I love you point about knowing how strong you are! Since being diagnosed I look back on my achievements and feel even better about them, because I know I did all that even with an undiagnosed illness. 💖

    4. Beautifully said, and so very positive. I’m just not that good at the moment, but I’m trying, and I’ll get myself out today and work at a community barbecue stall for the afternoon, despite the pain, I can always lie down and rest tonight….. I’m getting older, and it seems to be getting harder…

      1. Thank you so much! I’m so sorry you’re not feeling good today. But the barbecue sounds a lot of fun! I hope you have a good time and then have a good night’s rest! I hope you start feeling better very very soon!

    5. Hey gurl!!!…
      What a wonderful + to see and to read and read again…it is hard to find a positive at times but as the rough times are hear more than the good sometimes it gets really hard to find the light…but you my dear nailed it!!!… sometimes you just have to switch it up on the negative with a positive…I am sure that I will be reading this again and thank you I needed to read this today…long lupus n fibro flare going on…again thank you sunshine…

        1. You are most welcome…But I thank you for writing that…I needed to hear that today…yes 2morrow will be a better day…and you stay strong as well gurl…keep writing heeheh…

    6. Yes, definitely. Totally agree with all your point. Last but not least that I also learned to love myself more throughout the years.

    7. This was a fantastic post Mackenzie!! It is so important to find the positive side to a bad situation. It isn’t easy to find but there has to always be something positive to all we deal with!! I really love how optimistic you are and wish more would have your outlook on life!

    8. Great post on being positive when dealing with a chronic illness. Your post is very encouraging. Continue to let your little light shine and spread positivity.

    9. It’s great that you can encourage others… with your positive attitude! Keep writing and thanks for stopping by my poetry blog. Appreciate your time and visit. 🙂

    10. Amen, Mackenzie.
      I understand your plight well. I was stricken with polio at age four. I have lived with it my whole life and by implementing the attitude traits you have listed above have found success and happiness in embracing the cross that I bear, and that we all must bear in some way and at some level.
      What stops one from happiness and achievement in not the illness but the attitude held toward it. We are only beaten when we give up the fight.
      G.K. Chesterton said of evil, but it serves well here: “In the end it comes down to light and darkness. We must chose a side.” You, Mackenzie, have chosen well. I look forward to further posts of enlightenment and encouragement.

      1. Wow, thank you so much!!! I’m sorry to hear about your illness but you are exactly right! It’s not the illness that stops a person from being happy, it’s our attitudes. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you so much for your kind words!!!

    11. I’ve been doing this chronic thing going on three years,im still getting use to my new normal,finding my groove,its such a learning curve I can’t begin to say,but if your in it to win it there isn’t anything that you can’t do whatever gets in your way
      Thank you for visiting
      As Sheldon Always

    12. Thanks for sharing this. I too live with a chronic illness and what you talked about is how I am in my life. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to have hope with a little positivity sprinkled in.

    13. Good to read somebody like you not complaining but pointing out the challenges and possible ways to discover new spaces in life against all resistance which requires always acceptance what sounds a bit contradictional but only on first view.

        1. We should regard illness as something normal in life, the status of a 100%-health is a mere illusion. Health and illness are just 2 sides of the same medal. Nice weekend!

    14. Wow… so inspiring! Thanks for posting…very good words of advice. 🙂 God has definitely given each one of us so much, and I know that a lot of us (myself included) take it for granted. This was a wonderful post.

    15. This is truly beautiful! I’m glad I found your blog, because this touched me today. Your writing is on key, and your kind heart radiates through the post! So nice to meet you. I look forward to reading more of your posts! 😀

        1. You are absolutely welcome! 😀 Thank you for finding and following my blog — I really appreciate it. 🙂 You have a blessed day!

      1. I can identify with you. Been there done that. Been told there is no cure and “you will have it the rest of your life.” Not fun or encouraging. I have ups and downs, good days and bad days. I get really frustrated having to take so many pills every day which the doctors say I have to take “for the rest of my life.” One of the things that is so discouraging is that people don’t understand when I don’t feel like doing things because they can’t tell by looking at me that there is anything wrong with me. It’s not something that you can see but I can definitely feel the pain and the fatigue that it causes. And, of course, after being on so many meds for so many years, more things develop because of the long-term effects of the meds. But, because of God, I can make it. He helps me through it all. And I still pray and believe that one day I will be totally healed of all of this.

        1. Unfortunately I know exactly what you mean. It’s hard when people don’t understand. But it’s up to us to spread awareness. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish for peace and best wishes for you!

    16. Hats off to your courage and positivism dear. You are an angel for sure. it is concluded in spiritual parlance that all Good souls face tough test of God. Please change the name of your domain and do not call yourself Lifewithilness, instead call it positivity in adversity or smiling in pain etc. You are a source of inspiration to many of us. You will be in our prayers.


      1. Wow, your comment has touched my heart. Thank you so much. All I want to do is spread positivity and awareness through my experiences and I’m so happy my point is coming acrossed. Thank you so much for reading! Best wishes!

    17. Your positive attitude is encouraging. I have a very close friend with a chronic illness and I marvel at her attitude. I always want to help in some way and she always says that having someone to talk to really helps. It feels like I could do more if I knew what. I will continue to follow your journey, it is humbling.

      1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I actually say the same thing to my friends. Unfortunately there’s not a lot anyone can do, so having someone to be here for us is more than enough. Hang in there! Thank you so much,I appreciate it!

    18. Thank you for the brilliant reminder to also view the positives of having a chronic illness. I have found that a positive change in mindset towards my RA has really helped me physically & mentally cope better as you don’t drain your precious energy on negativity.

    19. your blogs are not just enlightening; they are both inspiring and quite humbling. i thought i had a lot of problems thrown my way. but you give me much hope and determination to stay focused and strong. i want to hold your hand – not just because i want to make you feel my support for you, but because i know you can give me so much energy as well.

      1. Wow, thank you so much!! That means a lot to me!!! I’m so glad I can give you hope and strength! These trials aren’t easy,but you’ve got this! It’s people like you who give me strength and I definitely feel the support! I wish the best for you and hope you have a beautiful holiday!

    20. Like you, I have had many serious illnesses as well as chronic illnesses…I completely agree with your positive outlook on life in spite of your health…Here is a post I wrote recently to put some perspective on illnesses……bj, author of near a river,

    21. While I can never say I’m happy about my pain or that I’m glad I got sick, I do love that you’ve pushed aside all the negativity and found the positives in your journey through chronic illness. Happiness is about perspective and even in the most negative of things, there is something to be found that’s positive. Thank-you for reminding me of some of those positives.

    22. I was born to adversity, no light at the end of the tunnel for years. Not from Chronic Illness but Child and Sexual Abuse. I hated myself, God wouldn’t let me commit suicide no matter how many times I tried. A drug addict at 12 and on probation for carrying a gun. It’s the people who love you no matter who it hurts or you hurt them, who will be there when we’re at our worst. I was a caregiver to both grandparents, that generation wanted to die at home. I promised Gramps at a very young age I would take care of him. You are right on the money when it comes to patience. There were many blessing from being there holding their hand, I was stronger than I knew. You don’t see it while they are driving you crazy over what’s for breakfast. I’m glad they passed before I became chronically ill, they would worry and call me every hour. I’m smiling because it’s true. We all have our days and weeks when it all sucks but deep inside my heart and head know I won’t give up.
      Great post.

    23. Thanks for the list. I didn’t know there was a positive side to chronic illness. You are right about it testing your strength.

    24. I love this post! It really resonates a lot with me and my thoughts about having chronic pain – and the values of my blog.

    25. I have thyroid cancer. refused to get my thyroid out and honey I shrunk that shit through yoga and healthy diet. I don’t tell people I have cancer because its so unthinkable in their world. I saw how my mom was after her thyroid removable and its not pretty. meds every damn day. tired. so I healed myself. the cancer is not gone, but it is receding like the ugly head of a beaten monster. and you know what? the doctors did not want to tell me the tumors had shrunk they used the phrase “may have gotten smaller” as if they were not sure. wtf.. they don’t care, they just want my body parts on their table. thanks for sharing

      1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate it. I think it’s amazing you have been able to heal yourself. Unfortunately doctors are traditional and are brainwashed that medicine is the only way to heal a body- which I have really learned with my journey that food really is medicine. We just have to be our own advocate and I think you’re doing a great job with that! Best wishes!

    26. This is amazing to read! I was diagnosed with endometriosis, which causes sever chronic pain in your abdomen, and when I first was diagnosed with it a year ago, I felt defeated and weak. However, I found comfort in my support system, and I hold them close to me because they truly help me get through my hardest days and are there for me even when I think no one wants to be. As the days go on and I learn more about my illness, I am learning I am stronger now because of it, more than I thought I was before I had it.

      1. Thank you so much!! I’m so sorry to hear that! But you have such a great mindset, and an amazing support system is extremely important! You never realize how strong you are until you are forced to show your strength!

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