What’s in my Infusion Bag?

Infusions are used for several different illnesses.When your doctor tells you that, you will now be receiving infusions, it tends to make you feel very overwhelmed. There are also several different types of infusions. Infusions can also range in how long they will take. I had to get an IVIG infusion for lupus, and now I’m receiving an infusion for my POTS.

My IVIG took 6-7 hours, where my POTS infusion is about an hour long. I didn’t know if I could bring food my first time, or what they would have provided for us, since I was there almost all day. I had a lot of questions and researched a ton. My major question was what to pack in my infusion bag? Here are a few ideas of what to pack in your bag for an infusion.

  • Electronics- phone/kindle/ipad and charger.
  • Medication that you need to take while you’re at your infusion.
  • Head phones for music, or to watch a movie.
  • A snack- pretzels/dried fruit/chips, apple sauce/fruit snacks…etc
  • A book/crossword puzzle/sudoku/magazine..etc
  • Drinks- water/juice/coffee/soda..etc
  • On your first infusion you may want to bring a list of your medications, incase they ask for them.
  • A blanket- they provide one, but I prefer to bring my own. *It is usually cold in infusion rooms*
  • Bring a friend or family member to keep you company. *They usually allow 1 person back with you*
  • Bring a positive attitude, and stay strong. β™‘

30 thoughts on “What’s in my Infusion Bag?”

  1. I started Ocrevus for multiple sclerosis about seven months ago. They gave me half one day then two weeks later the other half. The full infusion was six months later and it lasted 3 1/2 hours. Pretty crazy! Great list!

  2. I’m happy to see you’re hanging in there, Mackenzie! Such an example for the rest of us.

  3. I can identify with you. I used to have to have IVIG treatments done because of the Myasthenia Gravis. They always made feel kind of sick the next day. I used to bring my laptop and, of course, some kind of snacks.

  4. For your pots infusion is it just fluids? My daughter used to go in once a week for IV fluids and it helped her so much. Now she is able to drink high volumes of fluids so we haven’t had to do that for a year now.
    We did both get an iron infusion which normally takes 8 hours but at the mayo clinic it only was 1 hour thankfully

      1. Isn’t saline amazing! My daughter would go in with a 160-180 heart rate and boom be down to 110 when we left. I hope it helps you too.
        I’ve heard IVIG is really rough. I hope you are finished with that treatment and can just get the saline. Even though I know going out to even get it is exhausting

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