Easy Ways to Organize Your Medication

With having several chronic illnesses, my medication list is extrmely long. It can often become overwhelming looking at my list and trying to organize it. It’s also very easy to forget I took a pill, or take a pill and forget I took it. Here are easy ways to organize your medication.

  • Use a pill box

A pill box is a great way to organize your pills on a daily basis. I have to take about 8 pills every morning, so I love using it.. It helps to distinguish my daily morning pills, then when the box is empty for the day, I don’t have to question if I have taken them already or not.

  • Use a dry erase board

I love my dry erase board! I have all of my medicine written out with the times next to it. That way, I know when I need to take the pills at what time. I no longer have to question what time I have to take my pills. It’s a great way to put your medicine in order of what time you need to take them.

  • Set your phone alarm

Setting your phone alarm to when you take your pills is extremely helpful. That way you know exactly what time you take it, and you won’t forget to take them. It’s very useful!

  • When you have a Doctors appointment have a list of your pills

When you go to a doctors appointment, it can become overwhelming. You have a lot to discuss with the doctor, and when the nurse asks you for your medications you should be prepared. If you’re like me and have a long list of pills, it can be hard to remember all of them, plus the dosage. It’s a lot easier on you, and your nurse if you bring a list of your medication, plus the dosages. It will make your appointment go a lot more smoothly.

Having several chronic illnesses is tough. You’re always hurting and exhausted. Medications can become overwhelming, and the more organized you are the better. It makes life a lot easier, because it’s one less thing to worry about. No matter what- stay positive, and never give up! ♡

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