A Chronic Easter Poem

Bright colored eggs everywhere,

Love and sunshine fills the air.

Laughter and hugs are being exchanged,

Kids sneak around switching the eggs, so the original hiding spot is being changed.

You hope your chronic pain won’t ruin the day,

But you hide the pain at your family gathering so you can stay.

Hug your family and friends and hold them tight,

Because in a world of darkness they are the light that shines bright.

Breathe in the fresh flowers and the breezy spring air,

And don’t forget to say the Lord’s prayer.

While the kids eat their candy and find their eggs full of money,

Make sure you look around, because you just may see the Easter bunny!

Happy Easter!!!β™‘

30 thoughts on “A Chronic Easter Poem”

  1. Beautifully written Mackenzie! I hope you had a very wonderful and lovely Easter weekend!!! You do an amazing job spreading positivity with every post! I hope you have a great evening!

  2. mmm. i have never found an egg with jelly beans in it. those children in your poem are lucky. sweet poem

  3. I so hope the loving presence of your family released the endorphins that could prove more helpful than many medicines. Glad your Easter was happy, despite any pain.

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