21 thoughts on “Midweek Motivation”

  1. This picture is so familiar. This is how I used to get my IV Therapy. They don’t stick the needle in the hand anymore if they can help it. Geez, it was so painful in the hand and if they missed or went through a vein……another jab and another until I was ready to smash the nurse and run outta there.

    1. It’s not fun! I’m so sorry you had to go through that! Oh yes, the iv in the hand is my trademark. I have small and deep veins, they have so many problems getting a vein, this picture actually took them 5 times to get it in! Best wishes!

      1. Pardon me if this is too flippant, but… at least it looks like you had sparkly nail polish on your beautiful fingernails while photographing the #@$!ing IV in your poor hand!


        My post today is about the reality of the LOOOONG (12+) hour flight to New Zealand for a dream trip in spite of the hassles of chronic illness. I think getting a manicure the day before I fly is one of my best “travel” tips. https://wp.me/p44h81-4Ix

        I get anxious, especially now when my FEAR of pain can be worse than the thing itself. When anxious, I chew on my fingernails. Not hygienic, and not pretty. Freshly polished nails prevent my bad habit and give me something to smile about when my thoughts turn anxious.

  2. Mack, I really like what you have going here and look forward to seeing more.

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