Valentine’s Day Wreath Suitable for the Chronically Ill

This wreath is the perfect holiday craft for anyone, but it is suitable for those with a chronic illness. A chronic illness brings joint pain and hand numbing, so it’s hard to find fun things to enjoy when you’re hurting. This is the perfect craft to complete that will give you a sense of accomplishment you can hang up every year! Let’s get started!

Supplies needed:

  • A metal heart wreath ( I got mine at hobby lobby)
  • 4 six inch tulle tubes *any colors you want!
  • Scissors
  • A sign to place on your wreath *optional*


  • Cut out strips of tulle first. Cut finger tip to elbow length.
  • Fold the one piece of tulle in half.

  • Place the tulle on top of the wreath, and put your fingers through the loop. Grab the 2 loose ends and pull them through the loop.

  • Repeat directions 1-3 until the whole wreath is full, and feel free to trim any pieces of tulle that are a little too long or that stick out.
  • I bought a sign from hobby lobby as well, and tied it onto my wreath to add to it!

That’s it! Pretty easy, and it looks super cute! It’s not over exhausting, and doesn’t cause your hands to cramp up! It’s the perfect way to add some fun colors to your house during the holiday! Happy Valentine’s day! ❤

21 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Wreath Suitable for the Chronically Ill”

  1. Thank you,
    And regarding the joint pain every chronic illness is different, however most do involve joint pain. That is the most common symptom. And regarding the hands. Everyone’s bodies are different but nerve issues such as numb hands/arms are common like in lupus. All chronic illnesses are different. So yes joint pain is not related to hands going numb. Hands going numb is a different chronic illness issue..

  2. Such a lovely idea! I wish more people were able to advise on pain and ability issues when making tutorials

  3. Oh wow this looks amazing!! I guess you could also change the shape to a circle if you want to craft one after Valentine’s. Love it! 🙂

  4. This is perfect for any occasion! I am definitely planning this for my disabled clients! Thank you so much! After 10 years of crafts at least once a week I am running out of ideas!

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