Tips for a Better Sleep with Pain Insomnia 

With a chronic illness, comes joint pain, body pain, and migraines. It becomes a marathon just to be able to sleep, due to the pain. It can get stressful when your body craves sleep, however, your body won’t let you catch some Z’s. With a chronic illness, your body needs the time to repair and heal itself.  Over time, sleep loss can cause other damages to the body, like increase your risk for heart disease. Here are tips that can help you sleep better with pain insomnia.

  • Find the correct temperature, according to your body. Don’t be too hot or too cold.
  • Don’t have a heavy meal before bed.
  • Try not to lay in bed until you’re ready to go to sleep.
  • Try a slightly warm wash cloth on your neck or over your eyes. It may relax you.
  • Avoid caffeinated products tea, coffee, soda, and chocolate. 
  • If you can’t sleep, get up and walk a bit, then go back to bed.
  • If you can’t sleep in silence turn a little music on instead of the T.V. or it could distract you from going to sleep.
  • Try meditation. 
  • Try to set your phone in a place you can’t easily reach, so it won’t distract you from trying to sleep.
  • Don’t exercise before bed. Your body needs time to unwind.
  • Expose yourself to light during the day.
  • Avoid daytime napping.

Having a chronic illness is stressful enough, let alone not being able to sleep. Your body needs time to rest, heal, and repair itself. I hope these tips will help you to be able to get some sleep through the pain. Remember, stay strong, keep fighting, and always remain positive. ❤


 *DISCLAIMER* this blog is not here to treat or diagnose. Please see a doctor if you can’t sleep or follow your doctor’s plan. These are just tips to hopefully help you!

81 thoughts on “Tips for a Better Sleep with Pain Insomnia ”

  1. I’ve had such bad issues with sleep this week, running off like 3 hours a night, definitely going to try getting up and moving about and trying for another round this time! Thanks 😊😊 x

  2. Thanks for the tips! I just read to turn off lighted screens (like tablets and TVs) several hours before going to bed. Their light can upset normal circadian rhythm. Welcome to the invisible pain world! I’ve had fibromyalgia almost 20 years, and, as you say, you are more than your illnesses. Embrace that idea and best wishes!

  3. Great tips! One of my tools is having various places to potentially sleep. Some nights lying in our regular bed just hurts too much whereas other nights it’s just right. So I try the sparebedroom bed which is a different firmness and that might work. Or I move to the couch which I designed and built specifically with me in pain in mind so often if I can’t sleep in either bed I can eventually sleep sitting up on the comfy couch. Being able to migrate with options on support, structure, firmness, position has been a key for me for getting any kind of regular sleep. At times when we happen to be traveling and I have one option to sleep in at a hotel yea good luck it’s terrible!

  4. Hey! That’s a helpful list. And You BEYOND rock!!! I don’t have any idea what it’s like to go through anything that You or anyone with a chronic illness goes through. But a tool I know that is very helpful for sleep is yoga nidra. I could be remembering incorrectly, but I think that directly translates into “Yoga of sleep”. It’s actually not intended at all to sleep by, but I used to practice it a lot and could never, ever stay awake. It’s most easily explained as a guided meditation. There are many people who teach it and so many recordings exist out there, but in my limited experience, for whatever it’s worth, Rod Stryker is my favorite. Thank You for all the positive, wonderful energy You share! Happy Holidays and Cheers! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it! And you rock, thank you for the tips!! That’s a great idea, I will have to look more into it!! I hope you have a beautiful holiday! Best wishes! 😊

  5. Light is huge for helping me, both avoiding it to GET TO SLEEP and then using it to WAKE UP.

    My bedside lamp/clock is a Philips Wake Up light. I’ve used other brands in the past. Basically, a sunset feature for bedtime dimming, then a pre-alarm slow brightening.

    It’s amazingly helpful for me, though not a total cure for the insomnia side of things.

  6. These are great rules for all insomnia patients. I have too much entertainment in my life right up to when I’m supposed to go to bed, then I’m supposed to just drop everything and sleep. It doesn’t work that way. Relaxation starts hours before sleep. Thank you for sharing.

  7. This is such great advice 🙂 thank you. One thing that helps me is diffusing my favorite oil before I go to bed in my room, it just calms me down and makes me feel at home in my own space. Thank you for your courage in sharing your journey with us and for that, I have nominated you for the Liebster award and because of your support of my own blog! Thank you for being apart of my journey this year 🙂

          1. It’s really nice meeting to you. I am really glad to talking to you. If i can add you somewhere like insta or something???

  8. Great tips…I have chronic pain and I also find focusing a useful technique for managing pain so I can get to sleep……bj, author of near a river,

  9. Sleep is so essential to me. If I don’t get enough I’m a zombie the next day and I hurt like hell. I can easily fall into a depression just from lack of sleep. And it can, on serious occasions, make me manic. It’s not good to not sleep!

  10. Good advice. I would add turning all screens off an hour or so before bed. Also getting your room as dark as possible so street lights don’t trick you into waking up. Meditation helps, I’ve been skeptical but it actually does help me relax. Thanks for writing this!

  11. Sometimes, not being able to sleep or constantly waking up every 15 minutes is worse than the illness itself. Then the doctors add sleep meds… I’m glad you visited and thank you for sharing your story🌷. PS you have gorgeous furbabies 💗

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