How to be prepared for your next Doctors appointment

Have you ever been at a doctors appointment and felt extremely overwhelmed and just unprepared? Been there and done that. It’s also easy to have a mental list of symptoms like your skin rash last week and then you forget to tell your doctor. Been there and itched that. Due to the amount of doctors appointments I’ve been to, I have learned how to be prepared, catered to knowing how overwhelmed and forgetful I become. Here is a list that I hope benefits you as well.


When you have a doctors appointment monthly you often forget what symptoms you have already told your family doctor but not your GI doctor and it’s easy to accidentally leave a symptom out. I have learned no symptom is minor when it comes to a chronic illness or figuring out what disease or illness you may have. If you write down the date and the symptom in a journal and bring it to your next appointment it truly can help you remember that you had low blood pressure 2 weeks ago and stomach pains last month.


Some doctors offices are not in the same network as others and don’t have every detail a different office has. If you’re like me and you are a pro at knowing what medications you have to take at what time, but you don’t know the dosage or the full name of it, then we are in the same boat. When it comes time for the nurse to ask you what medicine you take, you blank. Save a copy of what medication you take, put the full name, how often you take it, and the dosage. You will be way more prepared and you will make the nurses job way easier. It’s a win- win!


Now I know you are probably saying,”WELL DUH!” But just stick with me for a second. I can’t tell you how many times I have written my next appointment down and then forgotten it, or scheduled another appointment on top of that one, or put it on my calendar in my room and still forgotten it (and yes, I have done all that’s listed way too many times). I have learned  what organization technique works best for me. I write in my calendar in my phone, if you haven’t discovered it, it’s magical. You can create what date your appointment is on your calendar app in your phone, type what time your appointment is, and set an alarm so you definitely won’t forget, and then save it.

Being prepared makes this whole process a little less stressful and hopefully make you feel more at ease. It makes the doctors job less difficult when you are prepared.  It may also make figuring out your diagnosis a little easier. If you have any techniques you use that you find helpful for you, let me know in the comment section below, and remember to share this blog to potentially make an arduous situation for someone else hopefully a little less hectic!

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  1. This is so helpful! I always end up forgetting why I made an appointment when I am sat in the doctor’s office and then I come home and think, “my knee hurts, I really should make an appointment” LOL πŸ™‚

  2. Being prepared is helpful. As a doctor, patient participation in care results in better outcomes. Providing your doctor this information shows you care. The big question is, “are you prepared to be the BOSS at the time of the exam?”
    The best way to use a doctor’s skills is to learn how to become personally responsible in the outcome of treatment. Rather than primarily relying on a doctor’s “arsenal” of treatment options, the patient must learn what changes they need to incorporate in life to support a healthier outcome. The doctor’s treatments should be the final tool rather than the starting tool. As patients become empowered and take greater responsibility for their health the patient/doctor results improve greatly.

  3. Great post! I use my wall calendar and my phone. That way I can see it, have an alert reminder but not schedule over when in a Drs office. I’ve still have missed/completely forgotten an appointment (cognitive dysfunction is not my friend).πŸ™ƒ I have a printed list of symptoms for each appointment but Drs often don’t even read it through. At the end of the day all you can do is prepare your best and hope the Dr actually wants to be there to help. Hoping your day is best as can be🌸

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for the feedback! I’m glad I’m not the only one to forget! I find that it’s easier to be in control of your appointment by being prepared and take control of your health that way! And you’re exactly right to just hope that the Dr wants to help! Have a great day😊

  4. Preparation goes a long way toward reducing stress – totally get where you’re coming from with this post! I wish you a restful weekend ahead, Mackenzie <3

  5. Dear Mackenzie,

    I found your blog via your comment on Ella’s craft blog and was interested to read this as I recently wrote a couple of linked posts on a similar subject myself. I’d be very interested in your thoughts – it’s at

    I was very impressed by what I’ve read here of the way you are coping with a very difficult situation and I’m really pleased that you have such a strong and loving support system in those around you.

    With all best wishes for improved health at some future date,


      1. Mentioning Ella’s craft blog rang a bell with an article I once read and I’ve looked up the connection for you.

        Ella Woodward was diagnosed with POTS in her early 20s and eventually managed the disease by changing her diet, to the extent where she’s no longer dependent on medication.

        You may already be aware of her but, if not, you might find her experiences useful in your own situation. Her blog and recipes are at

  6. So very true on All of this! And every time you see a new doctor you have to go over it All again. Even if your doctor has β€œsent” your records over, it’s as though they disappeared in transit and you have to start from scratch. Anything you can create for yourself to make that process easier is a blessing! Great post! 😊❀️

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